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Live Life Colorfully

When it comes to design, the secret tool is color. You've heard the saying eat colorful food because it's so good for you. Well, live in a colorful space because it's so good for you-too!

Designing places and spaces based upon industry trends is a bit barbaric to us. You see, color is powerful and personal! So powerful that it's been studied, analyzed and studied over the course of time by psychologists, scientists and even spiritual leaders. It impacts our feelings, actions or inactions in different ways for different people. So why would we box clients in by selling them on a color that could potentially harm them or make them unhappy for the sake of it being the trend of the year? Talk about disservice.

We rarely talk about trends in color. We've found it only causes confusion for our clients as they agonize over the subject. We work to get to know our clients by asking a series of questions allowing and encouraging them to define their personal style with ease and confidence.

Color Evokes Emotion

What emotions are important to you?

Define the emotion and the color will reveal itself. We promise. Trust your instincts.

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