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sntHOME Interior Design Showroom (Silver Needle & Thread HOME) is a custom interior design, home decorating and fabrics brand located in the Orange Park and Greater Jacksonville, Florida area. Owner Patricia Davis has over 48 years of professional design and sewing experience in the home and fashion industry.  

Our team members possess many years of experience in interior design, fabrication, sewing, customer service, sales and logistics.  

We offer services for consumers seeking specific designs and home décor items. Our unique and special services always come with a personal touch because we're dedicated to helping you create spaces and places that fit your lifestyle needs. 


We often fabricate and create home designs using sketches, photos, your ideas, values and desires. 

Fabrics from our sntHOME collection have been carefully sourced from around the world.   When we look at home fabrics manufactured today, much is lost in quality and craftsmanship. They are all too often created using an array of dangerous toxic chemicals, too. The process and use of synthetic chemically laden textiles and materials is what creates the off gassing of VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds = 12, 000 toxic chemicals) and contaminates the quality of air in homes. VOC's are associated with asthma  and respiratory illnesses. Also, many of these fabrics are cheaply made and constructed with an anticipated obsolescence date. 


Learn more about TOXIC SPACES and the Dangerous Impact of "Fast Disposable Furniture & Home Goods


The use of organic, natural and sustainable materials is imperative and defines our very existence, by doing so we bring value, beauty and peace of mind to your home.  This philosophy gives us the ability to create cleaner spaces that are healthy, safe, nurturing, less toxic or toxic free and more grounding to nature affording you a more comfortable, inspiring and better way to live.  We created and copyrighted  the term  "Pure Conscious Design" to better describe what we do and how seriously committed we are  educating consumers.  

Emotions of of sight, touch, feel, sound and even smell all play a role in the selection of our fabrics and materials.  We choose only the best.  It's what you deserve.


Loving home design and beautiful, high-quality fabrics like we do, we wanted to stop the unsustainable and toxic practices in the industry by offering alternatives and giving consumers better choices.


Our core values run deep and the way we do business is based upon key principles, thoughts and actions to include:

             Integrity                       Creativity

             Beauty                         Passion                             

             Gratitude                     Mindfulness

             Standards of Quality and Craftsmanship

                              Mad Crazy Skills

         The Respect of People and Planet Resources

We create items that connect users to the process and the materials in special ways, adding heartfelt meaning and consciousness to your space and the way you live in it.


A great home starts with a great design and functionality catered to the way you live while expressing your personal style and taste.  We put a lot of time and effort into our work, because for us, "the experience" really does matter and we don't have the time to "waste your time."

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I invite you to to come visit our Showroom soon.


Patricia Davis

Creator and Owner

We Are:

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Member of US Green Building Council
Pure Integrity.png

Sociably Responsible

Clay County Chamber of Commerce, Orange Park, FL
Sustainable Workplace.png

Sustainably Driven

Environmentally Friendly

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