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The Charm of an Older Home

One of Jacksonville's oldest neighborhoods is Springfield, located downtown is a quiet section of the city. Over the past few years the stately historic homes in the area have experienced a revitalization one-by-one. Each home is unique in character and style.

sntHOME had the opportunity to participate in creating the decor of one of these beauties and we can't tell you how much we enjoyed the opportunity.

Older homes have character and a warmth that can't be matched in new construction. The woods are rich and inviting, high ceilings create grandeur and there seems to be light everywhere. They maybe missing some of the conveniences of a newer home but they offer space and the opportunity to really be creative when it comes to creating closets, cabinets and counters.

The wood in this home has lasted over 100 years and it's still fabulous! Installation and windows were replaced to bring it up to code, the crown molding holds its' place and defines the space.

The easy of living in this home is understated. Giving an old place a new face, some love and care can be rewarding in more ways than one. We hope you enjoy taking a tour with us.

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