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Creating clean and healthy custom-interior designed spaces using organic, natural and sustainable fabrics, textiles, products and materials.
Eliminating toxic, dangerous and hazardous chemicals in your home and environment.


"Pure Conscious Design"

Photo Credit: Romo Fabric Brand

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It's comprehensive all inclusive mindful creation of space, lifestyle and how we live. It's awareness of the
resources available for a better, more balanced, healthier, peaceful and fulfilling way of life through the incorporation of transformative practices that draw upon the use of ancient wisdom infused with modern technology and cleaner materials.

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We're A Different Kind of Place.

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U S Green Building Council-LEED-Women In Green

Silver Needle & Thread HOME believes "your time is valuable" and strives to create a retail environment conductive to not wasting it. 


Our goal is to assist and support you with the products and services you want and need to decorate your personal space the way you want to.  We work to help you create your reality of beauty and comfort, while preserving memories old and new for your personal way of life and living. 


We offer interior design services, custom fabrication, beautiful fabrics and textiles that are green inspired and environmentally friendly. The use of organic, natural and sustainable materials is important to us and defines our very existence.  This is why we work hard to offer products that are clean, pure and less toxic to protect your health and wellbeing as we seek to create spaces and places that are good for people and good for the planet. 

We know "The Experience" matters-always.  Our intention is to make it memorable and special while helping you create spaces that add value to your health, relationships, peace of mind, quality of life and overall wellbeing.  

Our showroom is ergonomically designed, well organized, clean, comfortable and filled with the tools you need to bring your project to life and we did it all just for you.




Fair Trade, Natural & Organic Fabric

You’re here because you support sustainability, fair trade, cleaner textiles and you deeply care about how you live and your environment. Take the next step and we’ll help you design inspiring spaces you  will want to live, grow and prosper in for years to come. 

Like the “slow food” movement of eating local and responsibly sourced food, Silver Needle & Thread HOME is on the cutting edge of the “slow textile” movement and cleaner, healthier living using only organic, natural, fair traded, sustainable fabrics and materials for Interior Design and Home Decorating.

For many years we have supported, collaborated and worked with the

Texas Organic Cotton Marketing Cooperative in Lubbock,

TX and sell fabrics created from their fields.  

Our hundreds of thousands of fabric choices include: organic cotton-hemp-linen-wool, raw silk, cashmere, alpaca, lotus, mohair, kapok, banana, abaca, flax, ramie, conventional linen-cotton-wool-hemp and a vast variety of blends.

We offer a huge selection of embroideries, crewel's, hand color blocked, digitally printed, hand loomed and small batch naturally dyed fabrics. 

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Custom Cushions

Local Handcrafted Furniture

Restoration | Repair

Soft Window Treatments


Custom Furniture

Throw Pillows

Fabric Sourcing

Color Matching

Staging Rentals


Professional Measures

Pick Up & Delivery

Custom Furniture
Pillow Inserts
Drapery Hardware
Restored Furniture Pieces
Furniture Legs
Bed Pillows
Recycled Accessories
Sewing Supplies
Bulk Pillow Fills


Meet with one of our design stylists
to see if we’re right for you.

There’s no commitment, pressure, or obligation.

We guarantee the workmanship and quality of our products and services.



Black Edition


Cowtan & Tout

Jane Churchill

Molly Mahon

Osborne & Little

Lee Jofa

House of Scalamandre



Brunschwig & Fils


Manuel Canovas


Rogers & Goffigon LTD

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Full Interior Styling



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    We Are

Sociably Responsible

Here's Why

We care about the lives, conditions of living, fair wages, working environment and circumstances of the beautiful people who create, work and produce the products we use and offer.  That's why we seek fair trade, small batch production, support artisanal community groups, provide internships and stay up to date on industry news. 

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