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Our New Blog- Home Ideas, Hacks & Latest News

Updated: Mar 7, 2021

At Silver Needle & Thread HOME we keep you informed of new developments in the industry and our business, share decorating ideas, provide tips and hacks. The interior design industry is changing and growing at an accelerated rate. Keeping up to date on new styles, use of materials, fabrication methods and color is a full time job.

What are the organic, sustainable and natural products available for home design and where to find them? We talk all things home: fabrics for every project, the proper window treatment, why reupholster and help you find your personal HOME style. With us, you know where can you turn to for cleaner, safer and less toxic home decor. Have questions about the latest new tech fabric that may be dangerous to your health? We have these answers and much more.

Our blog content will center around learning about the sustainable and organic fabrics movement, finding ideas for your home and fun home hacks. We hope you enjoy it, and if you have any questions about something, let us answer it on our blog through our contact form!

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