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The New Face of Bedroom Design

Due to the nature of our chaotic world today more and more clients are seeking Interior Designers who really "get it" when it comes to creating spaces that are calming, relaxing and more serene in design.

Bedrooms are being designed for what they were intended to be, a place to retreat from the demanding activities of the day, unwind, promote and encourage healthy sleep.

The design aesthetics of the space seems to have evolved full circle to provide more peace, quietness and comfort. Clients want spaces that are beautiful and nurturing, promoting rest and sleep-as it should. The amount of tv's being incorporated in bedroom design has declined. All we can say is "thank goodness." We mean, at what point do you turn your brain off and give yourself a break?

At sntHOME we love using the purest fabrics in the softest of colors and combining texture to create soothing interest to the room. Our fabrics of choice include organic linen and cotton but we love surprising our clients with a dash of silk in an unexpected way. There's nothing better than slipping between the covers of a well made bed. Natural fibres have a way of evoking the senses in beneficial ways that say 'it's time to calm down, relax and let go for the day.

Did you know that: ​

Organic Cotton uses zero toxic pesticides or herbicides to grow. Major features are it's breathable and biodegradable. It has the ability to control moisture, insulate, provide comfort, it is also hypoallergenic, weatherproof and quite durable.

Linen fabric has the ability to heal wounds, improve blood microcirculation, it's hygroscopic-conducts moisture well, breathes, antibacterial and hypoallergenic. It neutralizes the smell of sweat, reduces the risk of fungal diseases, static resistant will not electrify. The fibre is strong and durable.

The other trend we like is the decluttering of the space. Removing work related materials and electronics that emit EMF waves that interfere with proper sleep. We're all about being good to yourself and living well.

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