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What is "Pure Conscious Design"

"Pure Conscious Design" is comprehensive all inclusive mindful creation of space, lifestyle and how we live. It's awareness of the resources available for a better, more balanced, healthier, peaceful and fulfilling way to live through the incorporation of transformative practices that draw upon the use of ancient wisdom. This wisdom includes knowledge of Feng Shui (Chinese), Celestial Design (Native American), Vastu Shastra-Ayurveda (Hindu-Indian). It also considers modern technologies such as Ergonomic Design to support movement-activity-functionality, the integration of blending nature with inside ( Biophillic Design), crystal energy healing, air cleansing and purification, EMF interruption and reduction, the intentional creation of personal quite space such as prayer alters, meditation nooks, yoga Zen rooms and spa inspired bathrooms.

The design is free of fake materials and additives. It's design without any extraneous and

unnecessary elements, not mixed or adulterated. The creator is totally aware, sensitive to, and alert of their choices. They have knowledge of and are connected to what they are creating and prefer to be in the know of how their space is designed.


Toxic chemicals are drastically reduced and eliminated in all areas possible.


PC Design focuses on utilizing organic, natural and sustainable fabrics, products and materials that promote comfort, relaxation, healing and restoration to the body, mind and spirit.

How we live, the organization, cleanliness and conditions of our home-our environment is the number one trigger to impacting our mood, sense of security, health, quality of life and the harmony we experience in our space-the place we call home.

The term has been coined and copyrighted by sntHOME Interior Design to better explain our unique and modern approach to providing services in the industry. We're "A Different Kind of Place" and Pure Conscious Design clearly explains what that means. We are a retail Showroom servicing clients and trade professionals alike.

sntHOME is a forward thinking interior design retail showroom located at 1580 Wells Road, Ste. #31, Orange Park, FL. We represent 218+ fabric mills, brand and designers from around the world and offer 21 services. We have organic cotton, all natural fibre fabrics that are 100% sustainable, biodegradable, and renewable. We help people create beautiful spaces and places that are good for people, good for the planet.

Hours of operation are M-F 10am to 5:30pm and Saturday 10am to 5pm.

Like us on facebook, visit us on linkedin, instagram, google business and visit our websites and

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