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Clean Interior Design is Here to Stay

Interior Design is changing for the better and at sntHOME we love the direction it's going in with clean and sustainable design.

What does clean and sustainable design mean? It's the use of cleaner, less toxic and non toxic textiles, materials and products. The fabrics are natural and include fibres such as organic and conventional cotton-hemp-linen-wool-silk-blends. Materials such as stone, glass, grass cloth, clay, metal and wood are generously used to create a more organic feel and blends with nature to bring the outdoors in.

The idea is to create spaces that are more comfortable, healthier and nurturing.

The fabrics, materials and products can be applied and incorporated into any style through the use of furniture, rugs, upholstery, etc. This seating nook is a perfect example bringing in lots of natural light, grounding wood and wicker chairs on a cotton rug and natural hardwood floor. the space is serene, comfortable and relaxing to be in.

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