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Better Living Begins At Home With "Pure Conscious Design" At sntHOME Interior Design

What Is "Pure Conscious Design"?

Design free of fake materials and additives. It's design without any extraneous and unnecessary elements, not mixed or adulterated. The creator is totally aware, sensitive to, and alert of their choices. They have knowledge of and are alert to what they are creating and prefer to be in the know of how their space is designed.

It's a Lifestyle.... Lifestyles vary and can be defined many ways. Living well is a conscious choice of basic design principles and is often misunderstood to mean it's costly, over the top and beyond the average clients reach. This is far from the truth of what living well means and the lifestyle most associated with the term. Think about these basic design principles as they include size, light and space, balance, composition, organization and pattern and texture. It's possible to live well without breaking the bank if you incorporate these principles into your design.

  • Note the size of the space and how it will be used to determine what activities can comfortably be performed in it.

  • Lighting sets the mood and tone for any room-put it where it's needed. Update the lighting with designs that feel right for you.

  • Decide what's the best way to balance the space through the use of furniture, plants, objects and color. What composition appeals to your personality?

  • Organization promotes a feel of being in control and assigning priority to how you live in the space. It evokes a sense of calm.

  • Pattern and texture helps visually create beauty and tells the story of your personal style and taste. Emotions are often experienced via pattern, colors and textures. They can excite, inspire, motivate, create comfort, connect you to nature, promote a sense of healing, imply coldness and sterile or be all warm and fuzzy.

Wesley Hall Custom Furniture

Organic, natural and sustainable interior design fabrics are better for your home.

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