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Krampus Greeting Cards 2 Download

Krampus Greeting Cards are here! Kilted Krampus was so popular last year that we thought making some greeting cards was a good idea. This Kilted Krampus is an original art piece featured in the upcoming book 21 Steezy Snuffs. I just wanted you to know early if you want to grab those up while supplies (and time) last.

Krampus Greeting Cards 2

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If you think holidays are weird these days, then you clearly haven't seen these 19th-century Victorian Era Christmas cards that were just as creepy as those times themselves. Bored Panda has gone through an expansive TuckDB Ephemera's vintage Holiday greetings postcard collection to gather some of the most bizarre postcards ever made. From frogs stabbing each other to Krampus (a half-goat, half-daemon) entertaining the ladies in the best Victorian Era fashion manner... Yeah, there isn't a more random way to say 'Merry Christmas' to someone these days, but when you think of it, these seasons greetings actually work as a time machine and reveal the relevant topics of those days.

Each weekend, players can log in to receive celebratory Brumaltine gifts. Players can also participate in the Brumaltine tradition of trading greeting cards with friends. Visit the Brumaltine in-game menu for more details!


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