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Star Vs. The Forces Of EvilTV Show | 2015 ((FREE))

The show's title sequence was promoted at Comic-Con 2014 six months prior to its scheduled broadcast premiere. As a result, the footage was uploaded by fans to YouTube who then started generating fan art and fan fiction.[10] The first episode premiered on Disney Channel in January 2015. The positive reaction on social media prompted Disney XD to order a second season of the series in February 2015, six weeks ahead of its launch of the series on Disney XD in March.[19] Disney sitcom actors Olivia Holt and Kelli Berglund participated in promoting the series the weeks before its Disney XD premiere, with Holt dressing up as Star.[20][21]

Star vs. The Forces of EvilTV Show | 2015

The second season premiered on July 11, 2016.[22] The show's third season was ordered ahead on March 4, 2016.[23] It premiered on July 15, 2017, with a two-hour long television movie entitled "The Battle for Mewni" and consisted of the first four episodes.[24][25] A live chat featuring Star and Marco was aired on Disney XD on July 17.[26] The remaining third-season episodes started airing on November 6, 2017.[27][28] A fourth season was also ordered ahead of the third season premiere.[29] That fourth season, announced to be its last in February 2019, premiered on March 10, 2019, with twenty-one episodes.[18]

Star vs. the Forces of Evil premiered in Canada on the DHX-owned Disney XD on April 6, 2015,[30] and was later moved to the Corus-owned Disney XD on December 1.[31] The series premiered on Disney XD channels in the United Kingdom and Ireland on April 16, 2015,[32][better source needed] in Australia on August 3,[33] and in the Middle East and Africa on October 5.[34] It also premiered on November 8 on Disney Channel in Southeast Asia.[35][36] On June 15, the series premiered in South Korea. The series premiered on December 18, 2015, in Japan. The series premiered on March 6, 2016, as Star Butterfly in French on Disney La Chaîne in Canada.[37] The show premiered on November 2 on Disney XD in Italy, and on Disney Channel on November 2, 2016.[38]

In reviewing episodes from the first season, Marcy Cook of The Mary Sue described the show as a blend of others such as Invader Zim and a sanitized Ren & Stimpy, with great appeal to tween and teen girls as well some laugh out loud moments for adults. She said, "[I]t's really cool to see a girl who is into cuteness and rainbows also kick-ass and enjoy it". Cook was bothered by the short episodes that made the plot seem rushed or underdeveloped. Cook was bugged by Marco's retconned personality from the pilot episode where he was a safety conscious kid to the series where he was a martial arts fight seeker.[40] Caitlin Donovan of entertainment website Epicstream listed it among her top 10 animated series of 2015. She found the first few episodes to be "a little rough for me, like the show was trying too hard to be funny and weird", but that the show got better with character development and relationship building, with "a really dramatic, high-tension finale to the first season".[41]

The episode "Party with a Pony" was showcased in the Annecy International Animated Film Festival in June 2015.[44][45]In 2019, the season 3 episode, "Booth Buddies", was nominated an Annie Award for "Outstanding Writing in an Animated Television/Broadcast Production", and the season 3 finale, "Conquer", was also nominated an Annie Award for "Outstanding Storyboarding in an Animated Television/Broadcast Production". However, both lost to the Netflix animated series, Hilda.

A comic book series titled Deep Trouble was written by storyboarder Zach Marcus and illustrated by character designer Devin Taylor, both of whom are part of the Star crew. They have been released monthly by Joe Books starting in September 2016.[53][54] A Cinestory comic based on the show's first episode, "Star Comes to Earth", was also developed, and was released on May 31, 2016,[55] with a second Cinestory comic, based on the season 2 episode "Starcrushed", was scheduled for a July 30, 2019.[56]

When the show finally premiered on March 2015, I wasn't impressed but I still wanted to give the series a shot. However, after some episodes (maybe like 6 or 8) the series stopped for months and I lost interest.

I started to watch the show again after season 2 premiered and I was impressed. The animation was less cheap (the first season used flash while the later seasons used digitally-drawn animation), a Myth Arc was introduced and there was more emphasis on the setting and the characters rather than wacky adventures with Queen Moon (Star's mother) being given a very interesting sideplot and I was hooked with the season finale.

With the increase in popularity, the crew of the show started promising many things for season 3 including an hour-long TV movie that would wrap-up the second season's storyline leading up to the real plot of season three and that Mewni (Star's homeworld) would be explored in more detail.

After a year, Season Four premiered and many people had a year to theorize where the story was going. Similarly to season three, it suffered from the same problems with emphasis on wacky adventures or shipping drama to toy with "Starco" shippers' emotions, but this time the fans started to really rally against the shipping drama episodes since it was announced that season four would be the final season of the series. Many things happen in season 4, none of them were close to the popular theories before its premiere, something that really angered some fans, I myself felt that the show wasn't focused on exploring the possibilities of the show's characters or setting as much as season two but still had some good episodes and some good twists with the characters including reveals, reunions and betrayals and a very intense final arc that unfortunately failed to properly end the series without feeling rushed and esoteric.

I love seasons 1, 2, and 3 of this show but season 4 is not so great.First, what I enjoy. SVTFOE starts as a fun, magical show that gets some serious plots later on. There are funny, serious, awesome, and heartwarming moments, all wrapped up in interesting and unique worlds populated by fun characters. The St. Olga episode caught my interest and the show kept the mix of comedy and seriousness going from then on (until Season 4.) SVTFOE balances slice of life and dramatic plots very well. It can be lighthearted without being annoying, and serious without getting grim-dark. It also paces its Myth Arc very well (again, until Season 4). The Ludo-Toffee and Eclipsa arcs are some of the best I've seen in animation.Now what, in my opinion, played a major role in the show's drop in quality: the Romantic Plot Tumor(s). While it's realistic for people to date other people, the way it's set up makes it feel like characters and relationships only exist to delay Starco's arrival. Starco happening was practically confirmed, so it felt like other relationships only existed to fill runtime that should have been used to show Starco being a couple. Not to mention the way Marco and Star acted with their partners made me want them to break up. Long story short: Tom, Jackie, and Kelly deserve people who do not prioritize others over them- and that's putting Starco's behavior lightly. Speaking of priorities, Star and Marco prioritize each other and their personal happiness way too much, especially in the finale. There's worrying about your GF/BF, and there's doing that to the point where Starco blatantly ignore the bigger picture and are only concerned they might not see each other again. Star and Marco sadly fall into the latter category in the last season. By the time Starco happened, it was too little, too late. I felt nothing but exhaustion and annoyance. Why was so much time spent on doomed pairings instead of the endgame couple? Why was shipping prioritized over plot when so little time was left? That, combined with the other issues with the finale (rushed, Inferred Holocaust, Esoteric Happy Ending, Designated Hero, Unintentionally Unsympathetic) left a bitter taste in my mouth.SVTFOE changed from a story about the adventures of a magical princess from another dimension into Shipping Drama to Delay Starco: the Series. I won't say it soured my love of the series as a whole but I can't say it's one of my favorites anymore.Please do not misunderstand this review and think I dislike the show. I genuinely love the first three seasons, but the last one is a downgrade that prioritizes shipping over plot and characters. I'd say watch the first three seasons and ignore a majority of the fourth unless you enjoy romance-drama.

I think that quote applies to this show now because the show is now starting to become slowly more dramatic because this episode has been about Marco and Star making a choice, Marco making the choice of his own future career and the latter confronting the fear of a future being planned for her. This episode still had its random humour that the show is known for and Marco is now aware the famous ship name for the pair "starco" (BTW I knew that the smooch buddies scene from the trailer was a prank because its too soon and the creator couldn't get rid of their main selling point for the show).

The first episode of the series premiered on January 18, 2015, on Disney Channel. Succeeding episodes have premiered on Disney XD starting March 30, 2015. The series had been renewed for a second season a month before its Disney XD premiere.[3] In March 2016 it was renewed for a third season prior to its second-season premiere scheduled for July that year.The episode "Bon Bon the Birthday Clown" marked the mid-season finale for the second season, according to Nefcy. The second half of the season aired entirely in February 2017 on weekdays, with either a half-episode segment or a full episode premiering each day. In the same month, the series was renewed for a fourth season. 041b061a72


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