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Iracing Fox Camera Pack

so, next time you are planning your next iracing date be sure to check your iracing fox pack, as it could be your best bet at getting the perfect race you have always dreamed about. lets just hope nascar doesnt change those rules again and we get to see a full plate race that doesnt have to be restricted to such a huge track like daytona.

iracing fox camera pack

not only are you allowed to practice in their simulator (which is equivalent to a real racecar), but youre also allowed to take part in real events; all you need is an xbox, an internet connection and a racing suit. but while iracing doesnt have a fancy racing series, it does have a huge amount of participation and is a growing community. iracing has grown to over 2 million players in 20 months, and is a market leader in the racing simulation industry, with over 10 million hours of playtime per month.

first, let me say that iracing isnt a completely new concept. there have been other gaming-based racing simulators in the past, and they have all come and gone. iracing isnt the first to attempt a video game based racing simulation, and it will likely not be the last. but one of the most important differences between iracing and its competitors is that this wasnt a bunch of guys sitting in a room dreaming about what the ultimate racing simulation might be like.

fox sports had been running a simulation on their website, and while it wasnt doing too badly, they wanted to be able to cover more events than what they were getting. they were looking for a way to make this more competitive, and at the same time give their viewers a real nascar-like experience. they tried iracing, and were impressed.


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