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Dj Class Party Crack NEW!in Part 2

When I think about a sub-genre of Hip Hop that deserves more love or exposure, immediately Baltimore Club comes to mind. While it has been around since the early 90's thanks to completely unheralded artists like Scottie B., Frank Ski, Miss Tony, and DJ Spen, it has never gained steam as far as being a Hip Hop Movement.Many adjectives could be used to describe Bmore Club, I'd start with ghetto techno, break beats on acid, the product of House procreating with Hip Hop, dance rap, or even Club Hop. While early examples of Baltimore Club were influenced from Miami Booty Bass (I love that there is a wiki page for Miami Booty Bass, really gives hope for the internet) and Chicago House. The most basic and well known first tracks that came from the movement are songs like It's Time for The Perculator and Too Much Booty in the Pants.Fast forward to today where the young kids are at it again, makin' dances and furthering on what I consider to be (taste wise) one of the more go-to styles I rely on when I DJ. For those of y'all who have been to a dance party of mine, y'all know what's up. The two most popular dances that have come from this movement lately are the Crazy Legs and the Spongebob. Rather than bombarding this post with youtube videos I figured it'd be best to post my favorite that has a little bit of both dances all in the middle of the street no less...Needless to say the cats in Bmore like to use their legs when they dance and are pretty damn nimble on their feet. I guess you kind of have to be when you're working with an 8/4 beat structure, which for all you playin' at home means there are 8 counts to each bar and you're counting with 1/4 notes. Ends up being about 130 beats per minute for those of you who know how to count other words pretty decent cardio if you're movin' to the beat.#onmytreadmillshit Which brings us to the subject of the post, DJ Class, who has the most commercially recognized Bmore club track in recent memory with I'm the Ish, which still has all the ladies and fellas goin' ham in the club errrtime it comes on. Much to my chagrin, DJ Class was in the A-Town last week about three blocks away from my place, DJ-ing at a small relatively hole in the wall club for a college night. Much respect to DJ Class's first single, but I strongly believe his new single (below) Party Crackin' is a whole lot better. The 30 second long techno/Hip Hop beat rampages he goes on in between verses (not sure if you could even call them verses really) are epic. I've been rockin' this one out all week and am really tryin' to soak up all that I can out of it before the masses swallow it whole, turning it into (what should be) a summer club anthem...bang this one out... DJ Class - Party Crackin' NEW CLUB ANTHEM!!!Now you know I wouldn't introduce a whole sub-genre of Hip Hop without another shot (or two) of some newness. Two of my favorite new singles out right now by two of my favorite artists whose tracks just happen to have been remixed by Bmore club DJs - DJ Esentrik and DJ SyFr. I'm not even gassing y'all up when I say this post, music wise, is one of my better music posts this year. Don't leave before you sample these, I'd without a doubt play these two at a Club when I know everybody is listenin' cause they're those tracks you go "dammit I wish I knew who remixed that so I can find it tomorrow". Happens to me all the time...except you know I DO find that shit...#wordisbond + #noiphoneapp. Treat yourself and feel free to hoard the track and save it for Fri/Sat when you can play it for others and take credit...(I do it too, 0 hate from this guy)...Drake - Be Over (DJ Esentrik remix) HOT CLUB REMIX!!!Kid Cudi - Pursuit of Happiness (SyFr Bmore Remix) GREAT REMIX!!!!

dj class party crackin part 2

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I hear this in the club I'm goin' HAM! No denyin', no beatin' around that bush, I'm losin' it because this beat is disgusting. From the rolling techno beat to the high pitched synthesizer, everything meshes to create a bangin' symphony. I've already posted a few Crookers remixes in the past and they've found their way on my radar being that they were Cudi tracks. If you haven't heard Crooker's (Italian Production Duo - Bot and Phra)debut album titled Tons of Friends then you're missin' out. I've only begun to enjoy the entire sound of that album and on first listen I'd put it up there with recent great dance/techno/Hip Hop albums like David Guetta, Basshunter, and Tiesto.If you're curious my favorite tracks off the album so far are We Love Animals, Have Mercy feat Carrie Wilds and No Security feat Kelis. Needless to say, when you think of Crookers think in your face loud, electro Hip Hop inspired Dance music. The energy of these tracks are awe inspiring, do them some justice and play them at the next rowdy house party you're at and watch the results.The beats may be sick, but Bot and Phra have the Remedy...Crookers feat Mike Snow - Remedy HHHooottttt!!!!

This was the trifecta of the week with both Drake and T.I.'s singles also dropping. This is a rumored Dre production and I haven't gotten 100% confirmation on that, but it sound Dre-ish enough that I'll roll with it. Sort of a bouncy psychedelic stoner anthem is what to expect from this one. This track would have fit like a glove on his last Man on the Moon album with the whole bouncy, trippin' feel to it. Really hope that tracks like this pop up on his new effort titled Cudder. Expect more of these star studded collabos on his new LP as he's working heavily with Pharrell on a few tracks as well as the man behind the single Jim Jonsin. Only difference between the two albums is going to be the seriousness of the tracks. That's bad news for me since I was a big fan of the emotionally intense tracks (Pursuit of Happiness, Cudi Zone, Soundtrack to My Life) as opposed to the party tracks like Poker Face. Despite the Snoop and Dre influence, I wouldn't put this over any of my aforementioned favorite tracks on Cudi's last album, but I take it for what it is as an introduction to a new more upbeat sound comin' outta ya boy Scotty.Give it a listen...Kid Cudi feat Snoop - I Do My Thing (prod by Dr. Dre) Hottt Collabo!!!

I've always had my eye on Kidz in the Hall because of their refreshingly organic, true Hip Hop sound. Being signed to Rawkus Records with the likes of Mos Def and Talib Kweli, you can see where the organic Hip Hop comparisons come from by association. On top of that, they've always been intriguing duo to their close proximity with MegatronDon (Just Blaze)who has invested in both Naledge and Double-O after he oversaw their first album School Was My Hustle.With tracks like Wheelz Fall Off and their block rockin' banger Drivin' Down the Block, their new album titled Land of Make Believe is sure to push more than a few copies when it is released on Tuesday March 9th.Credit is due to the track below for the uplifting message provided lyrically and the inspiring intro Naledge uses set up the performance. There aren't too many Hip Hop songs these days that encourage you to challenge the way you're living life and strive to get the best out of the hand you're dealt like this track does. In the words of Naledge:"We party and shit right?, but at the end of the day, we all have a dream, you know we not on this earth for nothin', so I ask you one questionAre you living or are you existing? see what I'm doing right now is I'm livin,, for the hope that you take this what I'm doin right now leave out here and can go to your job and live too and if you not living the right shit, shit tell your boss I'm bout to stop existing god dammit..."I was more than happy to snack on the food for thought with the Living vs Existing argument because when you think about it and over analyze (like I tend to do with everything), it can be pretty thought provoking. Generally speaking I don't have much sympathy for people who fight to exist everyday because usually they're too lazy to change and lack the intrinsic motivation to make a change that will allow them to live. I know it's not always that cut and dried and there are extenuating circumstances that can make living seemingly impossible, but life really is what you make it and there are plenty of people who have it worse than you, so you might as well do your best to view the glass as half full or at least have the desire to make a change that may cause the water level in the glass to rise in some way shape or form. Just sayin', positivity is contagious, so tracks like shouldn't go unnoticed and truly are the hidden gems that deserve to get to the masses (unlike most of processed music you hear on the radio). As I climb down off my soap box, I'll again encourage you to give this track and their new album Land of Make Believe a listen when it comes out on Tuesday. I would also be remiss if I didn't point out Colin Monroe's positive influence and mellow contribution to the chorus in giving this track it's inspirational tone. Give it a listen... Kidz in the Hall feat Colin Monroe - Taking Over the World (prod by Just Blaze) Great Great Track!!!"And dreams like women, if you only sleep wit 'em nothin' ever comes from 'em, but I bet you still love 'em" - Naledge

Analysis of the correlation between the use of 18 various psychoactive substances shows that cocaine use correlates with other "party drugs" (such as ecstasy or amphetamines), as well as with heroin and benzodiazepines use, and can be considered as a bridge between the use of different groups of drugs.[47]


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