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Resident Evil 6 Crack Fix By 3dm

how quickly did the 3dm group's cracked version of resident evil 5 make it to the scene? as initially reported by website pcgamesn, shortly after the release of the denuvo-cracked version of resident evil 5, the romanian hackers started cracking resident evil 5's denuvo anti-tamper protection software. the pcgamesn report stated that the crack had been completed just one day after the initial release and was already accessible on torrent sites around the world. moreover, it was even being sold on the website for hundreds of dollars (opens in new tab).

Resident Evil 6 Crack Fix By 3dm

denuvo chief technical officer, justin erenkrantz (proudly) also stated that the crack does not merely bypass denuvo anti-tamper, but also the game engine itself. this is because the 3dm team have written their own code to circumvent the denuvo engine on the protection software. the new crack is currently available on all the usual platforms, including pc, xbox one and playstation 4.

this means that the crack has an edge over any on-market denuvo-cracked release that we have seen. we already know that it's far easier to crack the denuvo-cracked version of battlefield 4. and by the looks of things, it's even easier to crack resident evil 5 with 3dm's crack. future releases from denuvo may be subject to increased difficulty when it comes to cracking. the denuvo anti-tamper may be cracked, but the developer engine that the denuvo-protected game relies on may be harder to crack than before.


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